Sevigney-Lyons Insurance Agent Spotlight

In our latest Agent Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to Sevigney-Lyons Insurance Agency! 

Len Sevigney founded the agency in 1984 in his hometown of Wells, Maine after working for many years as a successful independent insurance agent. Starting with just a few carriers, he opened a small office on Main Street and by 1985 was joined by Jack Lyons. This partnership allowed them to grow quickly, along with their reputation for being honest and knowledgeable. Since then, the agency has thrived, expanding business exponentially, and today you can rest assured knowing that they will still take the time to get to know you, the customer, and your insurance needs.

In 1999, Len’s sons, Lucas & Jonathan, joined him in running the agency upon graduating from St. Lawrence and Boston College, respectively. Since then, Sevigney-Lyons has become one of the most decorated agencies in Southern Maine, winning multiple CSR of the year awards, holding chairs on several company boards, and winning multiple company awards. In the past several years Sevigney-Lyons purchased Ham Insurance in South Berwick, ME; Lyons Agency for Insurance in Kennebunk, ME; and Coastal Insurance Agency in Portland, ME.

The longevity of many of their employees can be attributed to the family atmosphere across the company. The leadership at Sevigney-Lyons encourages education and growth, offering rewards for excellent customer service. They also strive to have the top-technology to make a not-so-easy job a little bit easier for their employees. It’s the superior customer service of the staff that also helps the agency maintain longevity with their customers. Offering home, auto, business, watercraft, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, and an elite condo program, their team is ready to find the right coverage for your unique needs. What sets them apart from other agencies is the time they take to get to know you — you’re not just a number when you insure with Sevigney-Lyons. 

Employees of Sevigney-Lyons are leaders not only in the workplace but also in the industry as a whole. Katie Johnson is on the Maine Young Agents Committee, a group designed to help younger employees thrive in an industry made up of mostly veterans. Laurie Billings is Chairwoman of the Maine Insurance Agents Association and is a two-time winner of Maine Young Agent of the Year and she also serves on the Advisory Council for Selective Insurance.

Outside of the office, Sevigney-Lyons prides itself on their commitment to giving back to the local community. They have teamed up with My Pal Spencer (#MPSIII), an organization fighting to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome. This relationship began after the son of one of their insurance underwriters was diagnosed — since then, they have been raising awareness and fundraising for rare diseases. Also, they started an annual charity golf event that benefits a number of local organizations throughout the community.

We’re proud to work with independent agents like Sevigney-Lyons 

who are leaders inside and outside the office. You can learn more about them and their insurance policy offerings on their website:

Guide to Reviewing Your Insurance Policy for the New Year

When your life changes, so should your insurance policy. As we step into a new year, it’s the perfect time to review the last 365 days and plan ahead for the coming months. For many of us, 2020 brought a number of challenges and new experiences that we never expected. From canceled family vacations to working remotely, homeschooling kids, and spending much more time at home, we all had to pivot our initial goals for the year and develop a new routine to support the health and safety of our communities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

No matter how you spent your time last year, there may be a few changes in your life or around your home that require an updated insurance policy. Did you finally tackle a big DIY project around the house or make a move into a home in a suburban neighborhood? These are both things that can significantly impact your insurance coverage needs. Over the next few weeks, follow these steps to ensure you and your loved ones are protected from the unexpected. 

Collect your insurance policies

The first step in reviewing and updating your insurance policies is to understand what your current coverage is. Have you made additions to your home, had a baby, or made a valuable purchase without updating your policy? These changes may not be reflected in your original plan and require an amendment or added coverage to make sure you’re financially protected in the event of a loss. 

What to look for when reviewing your policy

Once you have all your policies, thoroughly read through them. A few key considerations to keep an eye out for when reviewing are:

  • The amount of coverage you have in relation to your recent needs and net worth. For example, if you’ve made a lot of expensive purchases lately, you may benefit from additional coverage outside your normal home insurance policy. 
  • Affordability of your premium — did you experience significant life changes that resulted in a loss and changed your financial stability? An agent can help you find a more suitable coverage option for you. 

Once you’ve read through your policies, identify and list any and all major life changes you’ve experienced — buying a home, a new teen driver, purchasing a recreational vehicle like a snowmobile or a boat, etc. If any of these changes happened after you updated your policy last, it’s time to contact your local agent. 

Review your policy with a local agent

Call your local agent to review your policy and better understand your options for maximum. Your agent will help you understand what policy makes sense for your needs and can answer any questions you may have. Being experts in their field, they can also help you identify changes you may not have realized affect your coverage. 

Start the New Year on the right foot and review your insurance policies. Visit our website to find an agent near you who is ready to answer all your questions.