Account Bill FAQ

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How can I enroll in Account Bill?

Go to the Enrollment Forms page and download the Account Bill form. Once we receive it, you will be all set. 

Are there a minimum/maximum number of policies for enrollment in Account Bill?

Account bill requires a minimum of two policies and a maximum of five.

When can I enroll in Account Bill?

You can enroll in account bill anytime. However, any outstanding invoices must be paid at the time of enrollment.

Can you select your due date? What is the default due date?

• Yes, you can select any due day of the month 1st – 31st.
• If no date is selected, the default is the effective day of your Primary Policy.
Example: Primary policy HOM 123456 policy effective 1/5/2010 – the due date would default to the 5th of the month.

How is the number of installments determined on Account Bill?

Each policy is billed individually; the number of installments can vary by policy based on the following:
• When you choose a due date that matches the effective date of a policy(s), you will be billed in 10 installments
• When you choose a date that does not match your policy effective date, you will be billed in 9 installments.
Note: You can have both 9 and 10 installments billed policies on the same Account Bill.

What is the purpose of a Primary Policy? (Primary policy is chosen by the insured)

• It determines the billing method – Standard Invoice or EFT.
• It is assessed the statement service charge.
• It provides the mailing address.
• It will determine the due date if none is selected.

What is my Account Bill Number?

It is issued at time of enrollment and consolidates the billing of all policies.
It can be found at the top right portion of your Account Bill statement and will begin with ANP followed by six numeric digits.

Can I change the due date?

Yes, but the most recent account bill statement must be paid in order to make a change.

How is the Minimum Due calculated?

The minimum due is the policy balance divided by the number of installments remaining.

What are the Payment Options for Account Bill?

Mail a check or money order to Patrons Oxford– write your account bill number on the check.
Online – click Easy Pay.
EFT - Prior enrollment is necessary. Click here to learn more.

What if I cannot make the minimum payment due?

If the minimum amount requested is not received by the due date, you may be unenrolled from account bill, and a cancellation notice may be issued in accordance with the applicable state law. Separate notices will be sent for each policy.

How are payments applied?

The Company will determine how the payment will be applied to your policies for payments other than the minimum or full due from the invoice.

Can I have my Account Bill statement e-billed through the MyCheckFree service?

No, Account Bill Statements are not available on e-bill service on the MyCheckFree site at this time.

Are there installment service charges?

There is a five dollar ($5.00) service charge per statement billing or a two dollar ($2.00) service charge if enrolled in EFT.

Do all policies need to be with the same agent?


Can I sign up if I am Premium Financed or Escrow Billed?


What if my policy premium changes?

Adjustments to the premium will be spread evenly over the remaining installments on a policy term (year).

How are refunds handled?

An overpayment on an Account Bill policy will be applied to other policies on the Account that have a balance due. Contact your agent to request a refund check.

What happens if a policy or policies are removed from Account Bill?

When removed from Account Bill, billing for the individual policy will resume under the pre-existing payment plan. For policies that are removed for non-payment of premium, this may result in a large minimum payment due on a Cancellation Notice.

I am currently an EFT customer, what changes should I expect?

By enrolling in Account Bill you will have only one EFT withdrawal taken for all policies on Account Bill. The reference on your bank statement will be your Account Bill number.

The number of installments will be reduced, making your monthly premium payment higher.

You will have the option of selecting your due date.

Can my agent enroll me in Account Bill?

You can contact your agent for enrollment or other policy changes.

Can I use the Automated Billing Inquiry System?

Yes, just use the individual policy number and not the Account Bill number. The billing and payment information provided is on the individual policy level.