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How do I "Pay Online"?

Go to our online Easy Pay service.

What information do I need to use "Pay Online"?

You will need a checking account, debit or credit card and a copy of your invoice.

Is there a transaction fee for using Pay Online?

No, Patrons Oxford customers do not pay a transaction fee when using Pay Online to make their payments. (Normal policy installment fees still apply)

Can I apply my payment to a specific policy when I have more than one policy?

Yes, each policy is set up individually so you can pay them individually.

Does this payment service reflect partial payments?

No. This payment service consists of the premium due per an invoice.

How long does it take for my payment to be applied to my policy?

It takes 2 - 4 business days for your payment to be applied to your account.

What if I have a cancellation notice?

The system stamps the time and date of the transaction. If an attempt to
pay is made after the effective cancellation time, the system will not
process a transaction and it will advise the customer to contact their

Can I have a recurring payment with Pay Online?

Yes, you can setup a recurring payment with Wallet. Patrons Oxford customers can setup payment accounts that can be saved and used to schedule payments without having to re-enter the payment account information repeatedly each time a payment is made or scheduled.

What if I am currently using one of Patrons' automatic electronic payment methods?

In order to eliminate two payments being deducted from your account, you need to cancel the existing method before using Pay Online.