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The Personal Umbrella Insurance

The personal umbrella provides excess liability coverage over your underlying insurance policies such as homeowner or automobile. Lawsuits these days can reach catastrophic levels as a result of liability losses and most underlying policies are not written with high enough liability limits to adequately protect your assets when these types of losses occur. It would be a mistake to assume that only professionals need this type of protection, anyone can be sued for large amounts of money. Once your underlying policy limits are exhausted, or if your liability limits are not adequate, your other assets, like your home or savings, may be at risk. After a loss occurs is not the time to find out there were other options available to you to protect what you have worked so hard to own.

Patrons Oxford offers personal umbrella coverage with liability in one, two, three, and five million dollar limits. Your independent insurance agent will be happy to discuss your insurance needs with you and recommend an umbrella coverage best suited to protect your assets and meet your budget.

Various Payment Options

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