Guide To Umbrella Insurance

Imagine that you’re hosting a gathering at your home for the holidays and a guest slips on your stairs and sues you for their hospital fees. Or, your teenage daughter gets into a car accident and the other driver suffers injuries that cost far beyond your auto insurance liability limit. In both these instances, an umbrella insurance policy will help protect you from paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. Any time you’re found liable or accused in a lawsuit, this policy covers any damage or legal fees related to the incident. 

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Guide to Building an Emergency Car Kit

In 2019, the National Safety Council reported a 35% increase in motor vehicle deaths in Maine compared to 2018, which was the highest year over year increase in the United States. Accidents can happen without warning, no matter how much of a seasoned driver you are, but if you’re prepared for the unexpected you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and death in the event of a collision. Whether you’re driving a mile down the road or embarking on a long road trip, it’s important to keep an emergency kit readily available in your vehicle with all the essentials you may need should you break down, experience an accident, or simply get lost. 

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Chalmers Insurance Agent Spotlight

We’re excited to introduce you to our next #AgentSpotlight, Chalmers Insurance Group, a fourth-generation owned-and-operated agency who have been treating individuals and businesses like family since 1857.

Along with over 160 years of in-depth industry knowledge, the level of service they provide offers you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the most appropriate coverage for your needs at a cost-effective price. The leaders at Chalmers pride themselves on having employees who “embody insurance, not as something impersonal and intangible, but with an approach that to customer service that is caring and honorable — they make people and communities stronger and safer. Enduring relationships are based upon helping our clients to understand what insurance is, does and can be and we are gratified to hear our clients say ‘this is insurance for people like me’.” 

The goal of the Chalmers team is to serve each customer, and that means being available to them at any time because claims don’t always happen during normal business hours. Their advanced technology allows them to do just that — customers can complete their insurance needs any time of day. When you insure with Chalmers, you can rest assured knowing they will listen to and fully understand your risk, compare costs to find you the best solution, secure your coverage to make sure you, your family, and your business are protected, and be a trusted advocate in the event of a loss. These values at the core of the agency can be attributed to the reason many of their customers are longtime customers — they have an unwavering commitment to the New Hampshire and Maine communities in which they serve. 

Headquartered in Western Maine with seven other offices throughout the state and New Hampshire, they continue to grow by adhering to their core values and investing in company culture, which is guided by these four simple values—SHIP:

  • We work hard to deliver excellent Service to our clients.
  • We are trusted insurance advisors and pride ourselves on being Honest.
  • Community Involvement is integrated into everyday life.
  • As Passionate professionals, we share our values with co-workers, clients and partners.

Outside of the office, you’ll continue to see Chalmers employees out and about. From presenting at industry events to hosting local business events, traveling to technology seminars, taking classes, assembling food drives, and coaching soccer games, they’re committed to being active members of their communities. They take the ownership of our company seriously, and work hard every day to earn the special place we have within our communities.

Thanks for being an amazing agency partner, Chalmers Insurance!

Keeping Your Family Safe From Summer Heat

When the days get longer and warmer, the dangers of heat-related illness during outdoor activity also rises. From heat exhaustion to stress injuries, your family is at an added risk of experiencing serious heat-related injury during the summer months. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, heatstroke is the most serious heat-related disorder which happens when the body can no longer control its temperature. After just fifteen minutes in high heat, body temperature can rise enough to cause heatstroke and in the most extreme cases, death. 

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Tips To Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

The first day of summer is almost here and that means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the long, warm days up here in Maine. From days at the beach to bike rides, pool time, and trips to the local ice cream shop, summer can be the perfect time to make memories with your family. But now, more than ever, it’s important to consider safety guidelines as you plan fun-filled activities all summer long. 

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Spring Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle this Month

Now that we’re officially in the spring season, it’s time to start thinking about the damage that the winter weather may have had on your home. Extreme cold, snow, wind, and ice can all have an impact on your house, making it important to conduct an inspection on the interior and exterior of your home. And, since many of us will be spending more time at home in the coming weeks, now is the perfect time to give your home a little extra love and tackle these spring home maintenance tasks.

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Why You Should Conduct a Home Inventory and How To Do It

The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to take necessary precautions to protect your loved ones and your home. No one anticipates experiencing a home fire, yet in 2019, 371,500 home fires were reported in the U.S. Home theft is also a leading cause of loss — 2.5 million burglaries happen across the country annually, and 66% of those are home break-ins. Creating a home inventory can help ensure you protect your belongings and while it may seem daunting at first, you’ll be thankful you have one if anything ever happens to your home. 

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Tips To Protect Your Valuables

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and aside from the classic chocolates and flowers, you may be about to give or receive something a little more special. If there is a new piece of jewelry or a pricey electronic device in your future, you want to be sure you’re properly insured in the event of a loss — did you know that your homeowners insurance policy alone may not be sufficient to cover some of your valuables? Though it will cover most of your belongings, there are limits and any items priced beyond your policy won’t be covered in the event of a loss. Continue reading “Tips To Protect Your Valuables”