Nothing is more important at Patrons Oxford than the health and safety of our insureds.  Hurricane Lee could impact the East Coast in the next few days and we want to ensure that you, your family, and loved ones are safe, secure and prepared for the storm. Here are some helpful tips that can keep you and your property safe:

1) Heed any directives from national, state or local governments.

    Along with receiving key updates on the storm, there may be safety protocols put in place to assist everyone in remaining safe during the storm. 

    2) Secure any outside equipment and personal property.

    Outside personal property can become dangerous debris when high winds strike. Bring anything that is easy to carry inside for safety. Don’t hurt yourself! If something is too big to carry, secure and anchor it safely to a deck or post.

    3) Stay away from windows during the storm.

    Glass breakage during a storm is a serious concern.  Keep away from these vulnerable areas during a storm and consider covering them or closing storm shutters. 

    4) Keep your family and pets inside during the storm.

    The winds may not look dangerous, but tree limbs can come down without any warning and there may be live downed power lines. Please notify your local utility of any downed wires and do not approach hazardous situations.  Heavy rains can create flash flood situations quickly.

    5) Keep extra food, water, and batteries on hand.

    If you must shelter in place for any amount of time, you want to ensure that you have enough supplies, lights and communication devices prepared.

    6) Practice generator safety

    In the event you have a generator and use it when power is out, please fully read all safety warnings and run them in a well-ventilated area away from the home. 

    7) If you do suffer property damage, please take reasonable steps to protect the property from additional damage when it is safe to do so.  Please take photographs and save any receipts related to your loss.

    These are just a few tips that can keep you safe during the storm. Remember, focus on your safety first during a storm.  Do your best to protect your home, but don’t risk your health in the process.  Thank you for placing your trust in Patrons Oxford.